ABOUT New Horizon

New Horizon Community Care is a non-profit agency created in January 2001. New Horizon built a programming structure that challenges, encourages and empowers children and young adults to enhance self-esteem and to modify their behaviors in order to become productive community members.

Clients participate in activities, groups and life lessons that help them assess their internal strengths, capabilities and improve decision making skills.

New Horizon implements Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a psychotherapeutic approach with the expectation that if the client is able to modify or change their thought patterns, they will be able to change behaviors in order to make healthier and more positive decisions.

Our agency proudly and productively works with everyone involved with each clientís program. Our experienced staff guides each client in building a strong foundation that will benefit them not only as they enter adulthood, but for the rest of their lives.

Counseling services include, but are not limited to; anger management, stress management, addressing depression and anxiety, issues of grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse, and strained family relationships. Counseling programs vary to fit the clientís age, cognitive ability, and presenting issues.

Our Executive Director, Thomas Granado LASAC, is the man behind the name who inspires and challenges us all each and every day. He is a man of vision, compassion and action! His dedication and enthusiasm for these kids is contagious and transfers to everyone around him. Thomas Granado graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and pursued his graduate studies at Ottawa University where he received his Master of Arts in Human Resources. Mr. Granado has worked in the Behavioral Health field for 21 years and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development.
We have an amazing Clinical Supervisor, AMee Vermeire LMSW, whose dedication and compassion is unequaled in the field. AMee Vermeire graduated from Illinois State University and completed her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and continued on to earn her Master of Social Work degree. Ms. Vermeire has worked in the Behavioral Health field for 14 years and is currently a Licensed Master Social Worker with the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.
Our Program Director, Jason Kindred, is paramount in bringing all our goals and visions to life with his hands on approach to our kids and their programs. Jason has been influential in the development of the organizationís growth and has worked in various programs within New Horizon Youth Homes since 2001. Jason Kindred is a certified CPI and Non Violent Crisis Intervention certified instructor and has been employed with New Horizon Youth Homes since December 3, 2001.